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About the tools

Scale Search tool finds scales, which share one or more chords.

Chords in Common Search finds chords in common for two different scales.

Frets to Scales search finds scales using frets names.

Scale Search

Enter upto 8 chord names to find musical scales, which share them.

Select a single chord to start a search, or enter names of from 1 up to 8 chords.
For multiple chords, separate chords names with commas e.g. C,Am,Bdim.

Chords in common search

Find chords in common for a pair of scales.

Select two different scales to find chords, which are built with notes both of the scales share.

Frets to scales search

Enter up to 10 fret names to find scales, whose notes are found on the frets.


Select scales you want to be looked up. Choose "all" for 5-note (pentatonic) and 7-note (heptatonic) scales, or "heptatonic" for 7-note scales only.

Frets names

A fret name is given by a string name and a fret number. The string name is one of E, A, D, G or B.
The fret number is a number from 0 through 23.
Examples of valid frets names are: E0, E23, A12, G1, B3 etc. .
While entering frets names, separeate them with commas e.g. E0,E23,A12,G1,B3.

Tab to scales search

Enter up to 30 lines of a tab to discover what scale a piece of music represented by it is in.


This tool considers tab lines, which start with a string name E,A,D,G,B or e followed by |, and end with |, only.
Hence, a valid tab line looks similar to the one below (important bits marked in orange):


Everything else, including empty, or not well-formated lines, gets ignored.